A Life Filled With Passion & Generosity

About Thomas Cavanagh

An Autobiography

On December 5, 2019 Tom Cavanagh came to the end of his road paved with passion and generosity. Tom loved NASCAR and country music and for fun, he worked. He started his company with a single dump truck in 1953, and was able to grow it to be the proud employer of over 800 employees, whom he considered his extended family. Tom was proud of the many people and their families that made their livelihoods with Cavanagh Construction. Tom spoke fast, drove fast, and lived fast. He was generous to a fault, and gave freely and without hesitation whenever he saw a need.

Tom’s Generosity

A lot of Tom’s initial generosity was spontaneous, out-of-pocket and without record or tax credit . This continued throughout his life with people he met or who contacted him. Daily he took calls requesting advice or help big and small. He was happy to help. Or happy to provide a contact who could. His extensive network of local talent made it easy for him to reach out and dispatch the right skill or equipment or just another set of hands in close proximity to someone’s predicament. Assistance eventually became more formal : donating to various local sports teams and cultural projects and local community events.

Support for community events might include his finances, his equipment, his facilities, or skilled man power from his team. And suggestions for enhancing these events were usually thrown in to the mix, whether asked for or not. As his company grew, official contributions to local and international charitable organizations were added to Tom’s annual give aways.

Celebrating A Generous Life